Hilary Burt is a UK based composer and producer writing for large and small ensembles as well as for ads, TV and film. She has her own 8 piece band Hilary Burt's Blue Calluna and their album, "Step Off And Fly" is available on Spotify and AppleMusic. Her music has been described as  "witty, haunting and beautiful."


Next gig: 2020

My band, Blue Calluna, were due to play in the Brighton May Festival as well as Love Supreme, one of Europe's largest jazz festivals. Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus both were cancelled. We hope to be playing live soon!

Hilary has composed for contemporary jazz big bands including Terry Pack's Trees and the Sussex Jazz Orchestra. She has also teamed up with US based hip hop producers to create a jazz infused alternative hip hop sound gearing towards ads, TV and film. Her music is with the music sync licensing agency Music Gateway as well as with British broadcast libraries Lemoncake and Biblioteque Music. 

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