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I create music for animation. As a film composer I will synchronise my music to fit the action of your film. The idiosyncratic nature of stop motion animation in particular seem to fit my style of composition.

The movie below is a clip by the visual artist and animator Karen Aqua with my score added. It is taken from her nine-minute movie titled Ground Zero/Sacred Ground (1997), a movie created with hand-painted animation. This is the first two minutes of the film set to my music.


Being an animation composer  involves quite a different way of creating music. My first 'draft' in the film below was me playing the piano all the way through whilst watching the film. From here I edited the theme, put in the synchronised detail of certain bits of the action (such as the beginning with the rock carving). Then had fun with the orchestration. 








Some things that have been said about my film music:

. . . the music fits like a dream

. . . your music tells the story so well

. . . great interpretation - music and motion

. . . beauty, chaos and tragedy - perfectly captured

. . . captivating combination

If you are an animator or film maker and would like to collaborate on a project, please drop me a line on my contact page. I would love to help you bring your animation to life through music and sound.

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