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Hilary Burt has written big band scores for Trees and the Sussex Jazz Orchestra.


          Terry Pack's Trees - recording Heart of Oak - album released on June 2017.
















Currently the Trees Ensemble are playing four of my charts: Simeon, Baka, Story So Far and my arrangement of Eleanor Rigby. 


Here is the band playing 'Simeon' my very first large ensemble score, recorded at Hawthbush Farm in the Sussex countryside. It is written for a standard big band plus 4 singers, 4 flutes, 2 soprano saxes and a clarinet in G.


Nick Lea in Jazz Views writes: . . .  'Simeon' a delightfully grooving piece by Hilary Burt that again skilfully blends the voices with the big band which despite its size is remarkably light on its feet. Remarkably this is Burt's first experience of writing for a large ensemble, and an outstanding piece of orchestration it is, complemented by fine solos from David Beebee on electric piano and tenor saxophonists, Charlotte Glasson and Philipe Guyard. 












This is Baka, a piece inspired by the Forest People of Cameroon and their exciting rhythms and interweaving melodies.












Terry Pack's Trees ensemble

The Story So Far was written at a time of crossroads in Hilary's life.


It was an absolute privilege to have these three tunes recorded by such a committed and talented group of musicians!

Finally here's Hilary conducting one of her tunes at a Trees gig in Brighton.

Hilary Burt conducting Terry Pack's Trees
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